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About Tesfa Farms

Welcome to the Farm!

We are a Fraser Valley Family Farm, that began growing our herd of Water Buffalo in 2012. We chose the name TESFA because it means Hope in Amharic (the Ethiopian language and home to 3 of our children). It is our Hope to farm in a way that is redeeming to agriculture and brings hope to others around us through our honest food, holistic practices, and providing our local community with healthy alternatives. 
Our passion for food and animals is a part of who we are, we love being hands on and feel blessed to work with these amazing animals. We are continually striving to provide our local market with honest, ethically raised, high quality good and artisan products. Our desire is for our water buffalo products to be as farm fresh as possible and to be a healthy addition to your table.



Did You Know all the Health Benefits of Water Buffalo Dairy?

All of our milk is only pasteurized, not homogenized so you will get the old fashioned cream top! YUM!

~58% more Calcium
~40% more protein
~43% LESS cholesterol
~Contains A2 Beta Casein
(More digestible than A1 found in traditional cows milk)
~High levels of natural antioxidant tocopherol
~Rich source of phosphorus & Vitamin A

Water Buffalo Meat:

Water buffalo meat is a delicious alternative to beef, similar tasting, and a healthy food choice. Our Water buffalo are naturally raised, and Grass Fed and grass finished making the meat flavourful and tender.

~80% less fat
~30% less cholesterol
~10% more minerals
~A great source for Omega 3's and Iron